The Ken Stabler Hall of Fame Case

The Ken Stabler Hall of Fame Case

His Stats
Games 184 Starts 146 Record 96-49-1
Att 3793 Comp 2270 yards 27938 Tds 194 Ints 222 Sacked 281 Fumbles 66
Comp Percentage 59.8
Rushing 118-93-4
Led the League in Comp Percentage 1973 and 76
Led the League in TD Passes 1974 and 1976
1976 Bert Bell Award Player of the Year

Stats Compared to other Hall of Fame Quarterbacks
George Blanda, Y.A. Tittle, Bobby Layne
Joe Namath, Terry Bradshaw, Sammy Baugh,
Norm Van Brocklin, Arnie Herber, Bob Waterfield

George Blanda
Games 340 Starts 109 Record 53-50-1
4007-1911-26920-236-277 Sacked 12 (69-75) Fumbles 47 Comp Percentage 47.7
Rushing 135-344-9

Y.A. Tittle Games 203 Starts 154 Record 78-52-5
4395-2427-33070-242-248 Sacked N/A Fumbles 56 Comp Percentage 55.2
Rushing 372-1245-39

Bobby Layne Games 175 Starts 148 Record 80-51-4
3700-1814-26768-196-243 Sacked N/A Fumbles 80 Comp Percentage 49.0
Rushing 611-2451-25

Joe Namath Games 140 Starts 130 Record 62-63-4
3762-1886-27663-173-220 Sacked 109 Fumbles 33 Comp Percentage 50.1
Rushing 71-140-7

Terry Bradshaw Games 168 Starts 158 Record 107-51
3901-2025-27989-212-210 Sacked 307 Fumbles 84 Comp Percentage 51.9
Rushing 444-2257-32

Sammy Baugh Games 165
2995-1693-21886-187-203 Sacked N/A Fumbles 47 Comp Percentage 56.5
Rushing 324-325-9

Norm Van Brocklin Games 140 Starts 101 Record 61-36-4
2895-1553-23611-173-178 Sacked N/A Fumbles 45 Comp Percentage 53.6
Rushing 102-40-11

Arnie Herber Games 129
1175-481-8041-81-106 Sacked N/A Fumbles 3 Comp Percentage 40.9
Rushing 250-116-3

Bob Waterfield Games 91
1617-814-11849-97-128 Sacked N/A Fumbles 36 Comp Percentage 50.3
Rushing 75-21-13

For Whatever reason the Media is Biased against the Snake.
some with the Power to vote for the Hall of Fame
refuse to vote for the Snake for being a Raider.
It is a travesty he is not in the Hall of Fame
he had a winning record everywhere he went.
His stats are comparable and mostly far better
then the above members of the hall of fame.
Bob Waterfield basically was a part time QB who rode
Norm Van Brocklins Coat Tails.
The Guarentee Basically got Joe Namath in.
I would most Compare Stabler to Bobby Layne.
You ask guys who played against him.
They feared the Snake.
Larry Csonka said it in reflection of the Sea of Hands Game.
He made things happen, Game winning comebacks,
Stabler was deadly accurate.
His completion percentage for the time is head and shoulders
above the rest. Plus the Raiders were never a dink and dunk team
with the Snake at the Helm.
The Raiders went to the AFC Championship game 5 years in a row
with Stabler, Losing three times to the Eventual NFL Champion.
The one time they did break thru they won the Superbowl.